Our company has been in the Classic Car business for over 20 years and has a lot of experience in the process of inspection, analysis and market for classic cars, antique cars and special interest cars.

Our professional inspections take into consideration all the right aspects of the vehicle. Most classic and vintage cars just need more attention. Our process consists of a comprehensive 10 point inspection.

  • Body  and under carriage condition
  • Paint and quality condition (hidden body work)
  • Past accidents inspection for hidden damages
  • Mechanical inspection  (correct / original parts)
  • Electrical inspection (gauges and instruments)
  • Interior quality
  • Glass and gasket conditions
  • Condition of fluids
  • Analysis of previous records if available
  • Wheels and tires condition

Additional services

  • Compression test
  • Driving test 10 miles road test


Recent market activity indicates classic car values may have begun to recover after some declines in the market. What you ask for your vehicle or what you are willing to take is entirely up to you, but with MOTORANTIQUES classic car appraisal performed by a certified vehicle appraiser in hand you will have an independent assessment of its current fair market value.

It’s very important to have an accurate appraisal of your vehicle for insurance purposes.


Our fee is $250 for the comprehensive inspection and $450 for the additional service.